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  1. Sharon says:

    I remember my Mother using an older model washing machine. The hand cranked wringers were marbled with blue dye from the laundry “blue” she used to bring colours and whites up bright. So many of those heavy old white tubs ended up in the garden, as ‘you beaut’ planters, after the machinery gave out or they replaced by electric models…

  2. Who is that strange, bearded man ……..!!!!!!

  3. I have linked your event ‘The 70th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore’ to the website we developed recently of dad’s artwork done as a Changi POW: http://www.changipowart.com
    I have also advertised that some of his work will be on display with the society. Could you check the webpage to ensure I have entered your details correctly.
    Also, could you link the web page with yours?
    Cheers for now,


  4. Edward Waight 'Ted' says:

    As a visitor from the UK and a former RAF serviceman, very interested in your forthcoming ex-POW exhibition. Is it still on for the 1st Feb 2012? If so would very much like to attend.

    Yours sincerely Ted

  5. My dad was an ex P.O.W at Changi, having served in the 8th Division Signals. I intend to come view this exhibition to learn a bit more of what he endured.

  6. Helen Turner says:

    Graham, Lindsay and David,

    Thank you very much for your hopitality on Tuesday. We were very interested in your display on the “70th Anniversary of the fall of Singapore”, it was very well done.
    Graham, the Butter Factory Ledgers were amazing, they would be another sorce of information for those people reseaching families who supplied cream to the factory. I even found members of my family. I would like to congratulate your members for the wonderful work they do in maintaining the heritage of the area.
    Kind regards,
    Anne, Elizabeth and Helen

    • Many thanks for your feedback and very kind comments. It was a pleasure to meet you all and we would be very pleased if your members could take advantage of accessing and using our records and resources to assist in their research.

      Best Wishes
      David Amiet

  7. Kaliela says:

    It is good to read about my families history through your article with my Grandfather Reg Knox, unfortunately it is something he hasnt shared with his biological daughter, granddaughter and 5 great granddaughters… my daughter is currently researching her own great grandfather (Reginald Knox) over the internet for school assignment, she is quite proud of his achievements, and our family history, thank you for this small but important insight into our family tree.

    • David Amiet says:

      Thank you for your message, Kaliela. The history of our Aboriginal Servicemen is a fascinating but sometimes a sad reflection of our society. We are endeavouring to keep their stories alive and to promote public awareness of the shamefull way they were treated.
      If you are able to visit the Museum you will be able to view a cabinet of material and artifacts related to Reg’s fathers war involvement and some other aboriginal veterans stories.

      Kind Regards
      David Amiet

  8. Missy Knox says:

    In response to Kaliela, yes Uncle Reg is your Grandfather. I am sure he would have enjoyed sharing telling you stories but unfortunately you and others on your side of the family chose not to spend more time with him thn a phone call once per year.

    I am extremely disappointed with the tone in Kaliela’s blog on this site. It implies that Uncle Reg isn’t a caring man. He has always had his door open to family members even those who over the years milked the benefit over his sucess for themselves and never ever repaid him. I will not hear a harsh word said aginst your grandfather and am extremely disappointed that you chose this site to comment. I am further disappointed that this site chose to publish such a defamatory comment without first checking the details with Uncle Reg.

    What you forgot to mention Kaliela was that your Uncle Reg had suffered a severe stroke and as a result is affected by dimentia. That you choose to attack a man that nowadays cannot defend himself is not only appalling but highly disrespectful of you and you should be ashamed.

  9. a.non says:

    The image of the emaciated P.O.W,s shows my grandfather Spr.Ira Dews ,he is the closest to the camera sitting up.

  10. Adele Clarkson says:

    Hi Lily, I believe you are our cousin. I remember when Auntie Maria brought you home. Our mother was Dorothy Jean Brew (Shearman), your aunt. Our brother is named Rodney Shearman after your Dad as he was born the day Uncle Rodney touched down in Darwin in 1945. Your cousin, Adele

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