Record of Museum Events

On this page, you will be able to find a brief description, together with some sample photographs and relevant information on all the major activities, displays, and events that the Logan City Museum has conducted in the recent past.

For information and details on current events and displays, please click on the link: “Whats On”
2011 Events

This month, March 2011, at the Logan City Historical Museum we’re setting up our brand new ANZAC Day display.

Part of the new ANZAC Day display.

We have a large collection of memorabilia, historical items, personal collections and other interesting bits and pieces. People of all ages should be able to find lots of interesting and informative material that will prove to be an educational and moving experience.

This display is in recognition of the efforts and sacrifices of Australian servicemen and women in all theaters of war, ranging from the Boer War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and more recent conflicts.

The display continues through until ANZAC Day, so be sure to visit while this temporary display is exhibited.

Another part of the ANZAC Day display.




Article from the Albert and Logan News May 25, 2011
Logan City Museum Display Items

Also in May, the Museum will be displaying special exhibits for Mayfest and the National Trust of Queensland Heritage  Festival Week (8th to the 15th May 2011) – the theme for the exhibit centers around “the Heritage of water” and the importance it has had and continues to do so in our daily lives.

The Museum also has founding member Lawrie Strange OAM giving lectures/informal talks on Logan and the importance of water to its historical development; followed by a guided museum tour.

Time: Tuesday 10th May: 10.30am to 11.00am.

“The centrality of water to Logan’s development began with settlers taking up land by preference along the navigable length of the Albert and Logan Rivers. The reliable supply of water at Scrubby Creek Weir was a major factor determining the site for the Southern Dairy Co-operative Butter Factory at Kingston, which now houses the Logan City Historical Museum. The South Coast Railway also depended on the stand-pipe at Kingston. Displays include household items such as pumps, basins, jugs, wooden buckets and a hand driven washing machine; all a reminder of the sheer physical effort involved in keeping a heritage household supplied with drinking and washing water.”

A two-speed Washing Machine at the Wash Day display.
Lux Soap and Washing Basin.

Just one example of a photographic exhibit on display at the Museum that deals with water as a focus is illustrated below.

Transporting Cream Cans across the Logan River after the 1947 Floods.

After the Waterford Bridge that crossed the Logan River was destroyed by floodwaters in 1947, local dairy farmers still had to get their cream to the Kingston Butter Factory for processing. This heavily laden craft is being held at the stern by Colin Love and the precarious job of rowing the boat across the swollen Logan River is being attempted by Bert Burow.

Display at the Logan West Library:

The Logan City Historical Museum has recently set up a display at the Logan West Library, in Browns Plains, focused on displaying a brief history of the Butter Factory as well as varying leisure activities of 20th century Logan residents.

Butter Factory Display
The Butter Factor display at the Logan West Library
Some of the leisure time display at Logan West
A small part of the leisure time display at Logan West Library

The display is free to view at the Logan West library any time in May, just as you walk in the main entrance. Have a look next time you drop into the library!

JULY 1st -31st July

A Brief History of the Humble Milkbar and the Aussie Milkshake

If you are old enough you will probably remember the local corner store shops. Before the advent of the big supermarket shopping complexes, we did most of our shopping at the local suburban stores. The local Take Away and Milkbar was always a favorite.

Come in and see our display highlighting the history of the Milkshake and Malted Milk. It should bring back fond memories of a bygone era.

Part of our Display: Milkbars and Milkshakes.
Another view of our Display: Milkbars and Milkshakes.

AUGUST        1st-31st August

Birdlife in the Logan Area Exhibition


Nests and Nesting Material Display
Trixie caring for a fledgling Minor Bird

During the entire month Of August, the Museum will be hosting an exciting exhibition relating to the birdlife that can be regularly seen in our local area. Through the combined efforts of the Logan Philatelic Society (Bernie Lopez) and local Logan nature bird carer (Trixie Babrook) we are proudly presenting a display of many of our local wild feathered friends. Thematically themed stamps that feature birds, photographic displays, posters and articles, taxidermy examples and nest’s etc. will all feature in the display.

Part of our Birds on Stamps August Display
Australian Postage Stamps with a Bird Theme.

Join us on Sunday 28th August at 11.30pm when Trixie and Bernie present an informative presentation on the exhibition which will then be followed by a sausage sizzle commencing at 2.30 pm.

The winner of our special children competition will also be announced at this time.

Some of our feathered friends unique to Australia.
Galahs are not an uncommon sight in the Logan area.
Logan and Albert News Article featuring the Museum’s Bird Expo August 10th 2011
Newspaper article from the “Reporter” August 17, 2011

Thank you to all the visitors who came to the Museum and viewed our Birds in Oz Display. Congratulations to the winners of our special competition: TJ and Steele Jenkins of Dubbo, NSW. Thank you to all those who entered our Competition: keep a close eye on the upcoming events at the Museum as there may well be more competitions in the near future.

Merchant Marine and Maritime Display

During the month of August, we will be having an interesting and varied collection of items on display relating to the history of the Merchant Marine and the important role this service provided in keeping our sea-lanes open and ensuring our produce and supplies were distributed throughout the world. Help promote and remember the contributions of the merchant sailor on International Merchant Navy Day on the 3rd September.

The Museum would like to thank and acknowledge the assistance of the members of the Vindicatrix Association (British Merchant Navy) Queensland Branch for their loan of display items and setting up of displays for this exhibition. In addition, several items on display have been kindly loaned from the Old Maritime Museum at Southbank and we thank them for their kind assistance.

The display is only on for a limited time and ends at the end of August, so do come to the Museum and see this fascinating display.

Part of our Merchant Marine and Maritime Display.
Another view of a section of the Merchant Marine and Maritime Display.




For the next 3 months, the Museum is excited about our display of everything about toy robots and the world of space in toys. This is an exciting opportunity for members of the public to see this large collection of toys that date back to the early years of the 19th century. Many of the items are extremely rare collectibles and are a delight to view. Many childhood memories will be rekindled as you examine these wonderful toys of yesteryear.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to revisit your childhood and to show our younger generations the toys that captivated children in an earlier era when computers and game boys etc were still a distant dream.

Who can remember some or all of the following:

Buck Rogers

The Day the Earth Stood Still (What was the name of the Robot in this movie??)

Robbie the Robot

Lost In Space

R2D2 and C3PO


Battlestar Gallactica

Dr. Who: The Daleks and K9

Did you have one of these toys in your childhood??

2012 Events
Book Launch, 10th March 2012.
“The Boy From Bowen” by Leslie Bunn Glover
Actual Book
The Event took place to launch the autobiography of one of Queensland’s most fascinating characters. This book highlights the Bunny’s story from the cradle to now, including his period as a guest of the Japanese in Borneo from 1942 to 1945.

Guest Speaker: The Hon Andrew Fraser, Queensland State Treasurer, and patron of the Sandakan POW’s family & friends Qld Inc.



  1. Noelle Christopher says:

    Do you think you could correct a mistake in this feature on Waterford?? The photo of the two men with the row boat full of milk cans needs to be changed, the man squatting on the river bank is my uncle, Colin Love….not Colin Hove as shown..Colin rowed people and goods across the Logan River when ever he wasn’t working and did so until the bridge was replaced.. At the very least deserves his name be spelt correctly. Thank you. Noelle Christopher.

  2. Noelle says:

    Thank you for correcting the mistake. I really did think it was just a typo or illegible hand writing accompanying the photo,,Just out of interest, the anonymous young girl in another photo Is the daughter of the Waterford school teacher Tom Richmond,,

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