Recent Additions

Saturday April 30 2011

Today we were very kindly presented with a perambulator (a pram to most of us Aussies!!) The background relating to its acquisition is quite interesting. It was seen on the kerbside awaiting removal following the devastating Brisbane floods earlier this year. A Council truck was slowly moving down the street collecting and compacting all the rubbish and a passerby noticed the pram which was in eminent danger of being destroyed. Luckily, due to some quick thinking, the pram was rescued. Apparently it was purchased in 1948 in preparation for the arrival of a new addition to an Oxley family. Considering that the pram was completely submerged in the flood water it is in surprisingly good condition. The photos that are attached below show the pram in its present condition without any cleaning or restoration work undertaken.

If anyone has any information relating to the history or origins of the prams manufacture etc we would be delighted to hear from you. We believe it is of Australian origin and it has “Southern Cushion” markings on the 11 inch tyres.

The Pram in the condition as it was received prior to any cleaning or restoration.
Detail of markings on the Pram Wheels
A view of the interior bed and lining of the Pram

A view of the Wheels and undercarriage of the Pram.

 Tuesday 10th May 2011
Today one of our new members, James Noble, kindly lent the Museum some of his vast collection of Militaria to assist us with our displays relating to collections and collectables. These displays will be available for public viewing up to and including the 28th May. Saturday the 28th May is the date for our Heritage Collectors Fair-for additional information and details, simply click onto our “Whats On’ page.
Peruse some of the photos below for an idea of some of the items which will be on display.

New Display for the Collectors Fair

July 2011

The Museum has been fortunate to be able to acquire for our collection a full sized mannequin and a full set of Australian Vietnam War era uniform items and associated kit items that a typical Aussie digger on service in Vietnam would have worn and been issued.


The Museum is currently searching for any local residents who were servicemen or women during the Vietnam conflict who might like to share their details and stories with us so that this important part of our history is preserved and be available for future generations. In addition we would love to acquire additional items that might be suitable for display purposes. So if you are a veteran or family member who has equipment or items of historical interest stored away please think about donating them to the Museum. Simply see the Home Page for our contact details, we are waiting to hear from you and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

August 12th 2011

Recently, one of our members discovered an old set of photos in a photo developing sleeve whilst moving items in a display cabinet. He was excited to find a group of old photos and negatives that depicted various NASA space ventures and moon landings. Our local paper published the following report about these items. If you are interested the photographs are on display at the Museum for a short time.

Front Page of the "Reporter" 17th August 2011 showing some of the NASA space photos.

                                                                                                                     Article in the “Reporter” Newspaper regarding the NASA space photos.
  1. Lauren M says:


    I am googling to find out information on the pram that you also have, my brother is restoring one and we were wondering if you have found any further information.
    Our pram does have made in Aus by Legget Products Pty Ltd

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