The three most important inventions for mankind:

The table, the shelf and the rubbish bin.

Commencing early 2011, the Logan City Historical Museum has begun a large cataloguing project – rewriting and sorting the records of the entire collection. Alongside this project, the museum has also teamed up with Griffith University (Gold Coast) for their Social Enterprises Program. This program has seen students from the university, through Museums and Galleries Queensland, volunteer to assist the museum with cataloguing to provide valuable first hand knowledge about how museums function to final year students.

March Update:

The projects at the museum are going pretty well, the volunteers have been experimenting with cataloguing procedures – designing a method that will suit the large collection, but will also be convenient and clear to both donators and volunteers. The progress is good though, and some of the great objects that have come in are being recorded so that years later anybody can look up their particular story.

Griffith University student Georgia-Lee, volunteering as part of the Social Enterprises project the university runs, has been experiencing museum work first-hand. Doing a mix of cataloguing, writing, researching and working on displays, she’s trying her best to contribute to everything going on here at the Logan City Historical Museum.

ANZAC Day Display 2012.

Next year our ANZAC Day Display will focus on “Australian Prisoners of War”. We are currently looking for any memorabilia, photos, letters etc of any servicemen or women who suffered captivity at the hands of our enemies during any conflicts.

If you may be able to assist us, we would love to hear from you and possibly include your items in our 2012 display. Please refer to our contacy details on the Home Page to contact us.

  1. david amiet says:

    I love your work, Georgia xxxx

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