Our Collection Online

The Logan City Historical Museum Collection is made up of items from a variety of sources.

  • Remnants of the Butter Factory’s operations, such as machinery and clerical equipment that were inherited when the original building was converted into a Community Arts Centre in 1988.
  • Historical records from the Butter Factory eg Cream Registers, Minute Books, Staff Records and Pay Sheets, Financial Records and Annual Reports.
  • Photographs relating to the Butter Factory and its operations, historical photos of the Logan area and its residents dating back to the earliest days of settlement.
  • Items transferred to us from other Museums because they are significant to our local area.
  • Community-curated items. These are items donated by local residents that they believe deserve to be in a Museum.
HMV ‘Little Nipper’ Bakelite Radio:

HMV Little Nipper Bakelite Radio

Red bakelite mantel radio with silver painted front panel. The front panel has 4 round silver and red coloured control knobs. Attached thin wire aerial and power lead and plug.

Model 62-52. Serial Number 20838 (located on the rear of the body) HMV Logo located in the center of the front panel.
This item has social significance as it was a popular and common object in many Australian homes in the 1950’s and early 1960’s (before the introduction of television). It was a common focal point for entertaining the whole family. The item is in good condition and is fully operational and works very well. All the control knobs are intact which is quite unusual in this model as they were damaged and broke easily.



Proving the resilience of a good design this rolling chair dates from 1899 but contains many of the features from today’s wheelchairs.

Constructed from oak, cane and cast iron, the chair came with a price tag of $US13.50.


It has been restored by the Logan City Historical Society and is one of the many relics of times past, available for viewing at the museum, so come on down and see it for yourself 🙂




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