VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) Volunteers of WW1 Display

Display Courtesy of the Qld Red Cross Archives Team (led by Louise Kear)

This exhibition shows and highlights the history and the huge contributions made by this group of women who volunteered to assist with nursing duties during WW1. They were often unrecognized and underappreciated and often performed unpleasant but necessary duies such as cleaning toilets, scrubbing,dusting and cleaning, washing linens and changing bandages and caring for patients in terms of washing and dressing them and also entertaining them. They were also invaluable when after the war the outbreak of the Spanish Flu epidemic caused widespread loss of life and huge pressures on hospitals and staff striving to cope with the numbers of sick and infected.

This exhibition will be open to the public from February to the end of May 2018. Come and learn about these women who were amongst our almost forgotten heroes of Australia’s involvement in the Great War.

Logan City Museum wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to Louise and her band of enthusiastic volunteers for making this exhibition possible.